About the Prattcast

Entertainment/Sports with the accent on the word “Entertainment”! This is a Podcast that talks in absolutes with no apologies for the Topic Matter or the Opinions that go with it. Time to put some Fun” back into “Sports Talk”!

The Hosts

David Pratt

David Pratt has done Prime Time Major Market Sports Talk Radio longer than any other Host in Canadian broadcasting history with the Highest Ratings to go along with it. His Resume includes 18 years with TSN which includes hosting “Last Call” with David Pratt… He also Hosted Pratt and Taylor on Sportsnet and 16 years with 1040 Sports Radio Vancouver. Not bad for a kid who grew up in Langley B.C. 

Kerry Marshall

Kerry Marshall has had a very distinguished career in Radio and T.V. and has worked with the Top Talent in the Entertainment business. From News to Sports to Comedy he’s done it all. Who knew being a smart ass in High School would turn into a career.